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Lift the bully ban!

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DON'T BULLY THE BREED! Dog aggression happens in all dog breeds not just one. A dog becomes who you raise them to be regardless of the breed. If a child is told to fight, is beaten every day, neglected and kept in an enclosure then that child would have behavioral problems, will be aggressive towards others and their surroundings because that is all they know. Bites from German shepherds (Toronto’s #4 dog, after Labradors, Shih Tzus and golden retrievers) were most common in 2004 and 2014. Bites from pit bulls and Staffordshires were less common in 2014 than ten years earlier, but bites from American bulldogs and boxers were more common. (

If a human kills another human or an animal are they euthanized by what they look like? or do they evaluate their sentence by what caused them to kill? Instead of banning the breed which fixes nothing, Ontario should make sure that these dogs have a proper home, proper training and who ever is a breeder should be licensed. Once bully breeds are gone what breed will they ban next? PEOPLE who make these dogs fight and become aggressive will pick another breed. The problem isn't the animal, the problem is and always will be the human who owns them! If pets are considered family then why tear them apart? Don't bully the breed!

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