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End the Capture, Sale, and Breeding of Marine Mammals for Captivity in Ontario

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Many of us have followed, and empathized with Kiska's story.  The loneliest orca. She has been in captivity at Marineland for 37 years, losing all five of her young, and living in complete solitude since 2011.  

Recently a law has been proposed to ban acquiring, breeding or selling orcas in Ontario.  Unfortunately for Kiska this does not save her from her suffering, and it does not protect other marine mammals like belugas, dolphins, sea lions or walruses.  

The reasons for the proposition to end orcas in captivity in Ontario is that we can not meet their needs in captivity.  We can not provide them the space and stimulation they would receive in the wild, and this should apply to all other marine mammals in captivity. 

Our concrete pools can not equate to the space of the ocean.

Our water can not be treated with harsh chemicals and be expected to mimic the water filtered by the ocean.

The social groups we decide for them can not be the same as what would naturally occur in the wild.

The family dynamics that we create and change as needed can not be the same as the bonds naturally created and maintained in the wild.

Our attempts to stimulate them with toys can not be the same as all of the wonders of the ocean.

We can not expect our ice bucket dead fish to be the same as the hunt and catch of prey in the wild.

We can not meet these needs for them and that is why it is essential to end the sale, breeding and capture of marine mammals for captivity.  

Please sign and share with your friends and family, so that we can end the suffering of marine mammals.

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