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help stepmom fight for legal rights to her loving stepsons

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           Imagine 2 wonderful boys not knowing who their mom was or not being comfortable enough to call  their mother" Mom." As I heard the stories about these wonderful boys when they were babies never called her mom the first word that I was told that came out of their mouth was dad.

         Well here is the friend Christina Hollis has been raising her 2 stepsons with her husband for 4 years. Jared Hollis and Joshua Hollis who are ten year old twin boys sufffer from autism as well as PTSD. Delbert and Christina has raised and supported the boys these boys for 4 years since gaining full custody.

           The boys Biological mother has been in and out of the boys life for 4 years. She has not provided any types of support for the boys, such as food (ECT). She currently owes child support to Delbert Hollis the boys father but has not made any efforts of finding work to support the boys in any way shape or form.

          The mother currently is fighting the state for custody of her 2 younger sons from her current relationship. During this fight with the state, she has Abandoned Jared and Joshua in the process and what I mean By Abandoned, Is that she picks and chooses when she calls and sees the boys. She also makes excuses of why she cannot see the boys for example she don't feel good is sick or decides to go out fishing or do other activities that don't involve her boys.

          During these 4 years, the boys have developed behavior problems due to this battle with their biological mother. The boys have since told their stepmom Christina that she is their mom.  The boys are not comfortable with being around their mother do to the fact that they do not have a good bond with their mom.

             In September 1,2016 Delbert and Chrisitna took the mother to court for Christina to have parental rights of the boys, but the court decided on the behaf of the mother to give her a chance to improve her parenting skills and to have contact with the boys. After the court hearing, she made several attempts of phone calls and visitations. As time went by she droppped her visitations and phone calls to a bare minuam.  She did a visitation not long ago and took pictures of the boys with her being in the photo to use in a petition she is using for custody for her younger sons. She was not given permission to use any photos by the courts or the boys fathers consent.

              Christina Hollis has provided loving support and any nessary requirements needed for the boys health. Christina Attends all of the boys school meetings and functions, As well as birthdays. She loves these boys as if they were her own. When the boys need or want something, Christina tries to fullfill their wants and needs. She is continuously making sure their medical appointments are up to date and taken care of.

         Christina and Delbert Hollis always continue to show different events they like to do as a family for instance they're always making trips to go hiking, fishing ,camping or any activities as a family. This year they decided as a family to go and do something fun like a Safari Park. These boys have had some fun and feel like they're part of something and not left behind. Christina and Delbert always put time off to the side to plan something fun for these boys they always make sure there is some exciting and new to keep the boys entrust and smiles alive.

         Delbert Hollis has been there from day one and been a loving father to these boys making trips when he needed to before he had custody then when he met his wife Christina they became a wonderful family and with two wonderful twin boys. There isn't a day that goes by that these two wonderful parents go out of their way to make things so wonderful for these boys.

          I as the petitioner have noticed wonderful things that these parents have done and how much they have gone through. They have continued to grow as a family and I do not see anything wrong with Christina Hollis having the right to adopt the boys as her own. I have seen how she raises them everyday buy video chat and with the visits I try to do. She treats those boys like they're her own stand by their side and tries to help them work difficult situations out not just that she always make sure everything is fixed in their needs or make sure that they have fun on a daily activity.

        I am asking you today to support Chrisitna Hollis to gain full Parent Guardianship of the twins Joshua and Jared Hollis. She has done nothing wrong but be a loving mother to these boys and has given them her full loving and affection to these wonderful boys.

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