Change the legislation regarding the trapping and killing of animals in Kazakhstan

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Dear all, 

I would like to start by citing the official decision made by the Maslikhat of Astana(formal capital of Kazakhstan):

"Decision No. 448/62-V of Maslikhat of Astana dated December 23, 2015.

There is a total of 3 teams who work daily in the city using specialized vehicles. Requests received from the “051 Service” and from the population of the district are processed on a daily basis. The permitted capture tools include loops, pneumatic guns using tranquilizing agents with relevant certificates with the dosage, nets, scoop-net traps, as well as other means and devices that do not result in the death of animals at the moment of capture actions. Unclaimed stray animals are subject to be exterminated 3 (three) calendar days after publishing information in the media and at the web-resources of the specialized organization. Stray animals are subject to be killed by medication before the extermination, using drugs that are not prohibited by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Extermination of stray animals is carried out in the specialized incinerator for extermination and cremation of sick animals. The link can be found below.

Based on the report of 2019, more than 10,000 dogs were killed in the city with a population of 200,000 people. Growing numbers prove that the current solution implemented by the government is not only cruel but also short-term oriented and inefficient. The budget of 120 million kzt allocated to the animal killing and trapping organizations can be used for animal castration practices and to support the local animal shelters, which will result in a decreasing number of stray animals in the long-term. 

Based on my personal experience, the practice of keeping stray animals for 3 days according to the governmental regulations never takes a place, as dogs are killed immediately by mentioned organizations. Double-check: go to the websites publishing trapped animals? Wouldn't work, because those have never been updated. As a supporter and volunteer of one of the biggest animal shelter of Kazakhstan "Aktos", I saw the insights that the government is not aware of. For example, a big massive blue truck full of dead dogs bodies driving around the city at 5 am in the morning. Or a CCTV video that went viral, where a girl wanted to pet a dog and a man shot that dog right in front of her. Is there any common sense? Is there any humanity? Well, my duty is not to judge anyone but to try my best to improve the situation, and I believe that switching from the routine of killing and trapping stray animals to castrating them and supporting animal shelters is the best we can do at this stage as it doesn't require any additional funds. 

You Become Responsible, Forever, for What You Have Tamed",-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's 1943.