Manage Canada Geese (commonly referred to as Canadian Geese) on Kāpiti Coast Waterways

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  • Canada Geese (more commonly referred to as Canadian Geese) were introduced to New Zealand by European Settlers to shoot as game birds.
  • There is significant information available on this destructive species and easily found online. e.g. such as that they excrete approx 2kg of excrement daily etc.
  • In 2011 they were removed from the protected species schedule of the Wildlife Act. They were removed following demands made by the farming community mainly but not exclusively due to the damage they cause to crops and rural income streams. This resulted in much needed and overdue culling of an out of control species.
  • Significant damage is being caused to our local pond spaces both on land and in the water. e.g  the amount of guano at Awatea. Public health and the welfare of the water which is being polluted by the high volume of the excrement. At the time of this petition there are approx. 150 to 200 birds roosting at Awatea Pond. As they move around, its not known how many other waterways locally are affected similarly.
  • The local governments here are aware of the problem but seem reluctant or hamstrung to take the appropriate step of managing and permanently removing or reducing these large flocks of geese currently growing out of control in urban areas. The problem is getting progressively worse. 
  • This petition is to request the authorities introduce an appropriate status to these animals and to introduce culling (euthanasia ) to remove or reduce to manageable numbers them permanently from urban ponds within the Kāpiti Area. And to continue a regular cull to keep the population away or reduced from said waterways.