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To have all veterinary practices offer payment plans

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Last night my cat became ill. Today we took him to the vet and they told us he needed surgery to remove crystals from his urinary tract. A procedure called cystotomy. They gave us a bill for 1500$ and told us to make a choice. We pay it or we euthanize our beloved pet. Unfortunately we did not have the money at the moment. And they refused payment plans. They found a humaine society that said they would do the procedure if we surrendered the cat. With no later contact or chance for adoption by us. Obviously we want our cat tolive so painfully we surrendered him. We called every vet and animal emergency service in ontario before surrendering him. Hoping someone would accept a payment plan. The only option was payment plans through third party companies that would take days to approve us. In which our cat would already have been dead. Im disgusted with the prices of vetrarainary services. Not only are they not affordable but there is no way to help make the payment easier to pay. They rather euthanize an animal than help it. Something has to change. Payment plans need to be offered by all vetrarainary practices across Ontario. Or every animal that suddenly gets sick is going to die or fill our humaine societies. In addition to payment plans being offered. We want our cat back! We gave him up to save his life. We atleast want the chance to be able to adopt him back from the whitby humaine society. We surrendered him because we love him not because we didnt want him. When we surrendered him we were told we arent even allowed to call and make sure hes okay. There are lots of strays in the humaine society. Ontario already has too many cats up for adoption. We want our cat back. We will gladly pay the bill for the surgery in installments. Theres no reason we shouldnt be allowed to have him. 

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