Stop horse slaughter in Canada and horse exports for slaughter

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We must STOP THE SLAUGHTER of horses in Canada and THEIR EXPORT FOR SLAUGHTER abroad - We are talking about a foal hiding in the corner, the pony that you had your first ride on and the old mare who lets every horse-crazy kid pat its head. They, along with the injured sports horses, ponies that children have outgrown, and gentle giants like Belgiums and Clydesdales, are all in danger of being shipped off to slaughter in Canada and abroad. The majority of Canadians do not believe that horses should be slaughtered (see 1 below) but our governments support the industry.  It is time to tell the Canadian government that we want this industry shut down.  

The horse slaughter industry brought in  "$31 million in 2018" (see 2 below). And 54,100 horses were slaughtered in 2016 (see 3 below).  Paola di Paolo's wrote an article  at providing background on horse slaughter in Canada. And, according to di Paolo, the treatment of horses at feedlots, where they wait to be killed, often results in unnecessary suffering (see 4 below).

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