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Protection for Grand Mother Earth and Her Occupants

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Okay best thing i`ve done in a while.. make all my choices based on, whether it`s the best outcome for me, the people involved in this, my decision, and then the best out come for the planet as a whole -- if it is not good for all three then it isn`t the right choice -- and that brought me here with this nightmare.. 

Like I`ve been reminded of a time when I was four years old, and I woke up with the sun to go stand in front of these little trees the town I lived in grew not even that long ago around the park across from my house. I just knew, because something told me the day before that they were going to cut them down. And that just broke my heart. I love trees, and especially back then. They were always who I were chilling with when not with my sister. And I was so mad that they wanted to cut them down. I was yelling at the man in the tractor there to do whatever he was going to do to them, "Why do you want to cut them down, they never did anything to you!" "Don`t you know we need trees to breathe!" And I stayed in front of them all day -- even in the night time until the moon was all the way in the middle of the sky.. But i went inside.. cold, and hungry, knowing that they would be coming to cut them down when i was asleep and not knowing, and there was nothing i could do about it.. They were going to win. And they did. And it hurt. And I hated them. I hated them for so long.. I hated everyone for so long for not caring.. But that is not what our world is today, this I remind myself constantly.. Talk about trust issues, right?

We need trees to breathe and to do pretty much the biggest job in our worlds existence so we can`t afford to keep cutting them down and fail to grow enough back each day, each year, over and over, losing more than we are ever gaining. This is what it is, over and over. Cutting down 15.3 billion, and only growing 5 billion..?
So this, we can start making better today.

Okay, I believe hemp to be the answer to that problem, like the lack-of-tree problem. Like all the way around, and the lumber companies or whoever has been cutting down the trees, can grow this and work with consultants in this field, people that care and know the plant and all its benefits and how to tweak to fiber formulas, unless the lumber people already know this, they might.. but yes, so that they can use this instead of trees.. and as they`re growing hemp for themselves, and donating the other parts not being used to the medical people and food and oil people, since it helps with these too -- and while getting donated stalks from others not using them.. while growing mass trees since the amount of people ain`t getting any less compared to how many babies are born each moment.. same with the amounts of animals, and buildings, and cars, like we really need a lot more trees instead of a lot more less trees.. Know what i mean?

Okay, have you watched that movie "Passengers"? at the end they grew a tree, and it looked so beautiful with all the life that came from it over the years it was allowed to just be a tree.. [here`s a picture 
There is no reason we can not have more of our beautiful planet looking and being this.. maybe except sewage lines and that the roots "get in the way" -- well at least they are not everywhere - those pipes and sewer things, but trees could and should be.
After you google or Bing, whatever you do - yahoo -- the benefits of having trees around, you`ll honestly want more around.. I don`t see how anyone wouldn`t..?

Where they could look like this [ in more places than just the forests` of the world, boreal and rain -- all over the place.. Just thriving and healthy and beautiful everywhere.. Before I just pictured a bunch of people loving their lives and living in the bush, going on with life but a lot happier because they are doing what they enjoy and care about and need done right. 

But yes, please help make this come true.. And even if we can, make mountains, so that we have more fresh water.. Well, they could make pyramids we could most likely make some too and grow tree and plant life off of the rocks used to make said mountains, bed rock and what not. Mountains and more clean water.. Trees and hemp being grown more and more each day, to make our Grand Mother Earth green again, and keeping her green and forever thriving.. Just all of us working together to make life better for all her occupants. Thank you.

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