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Start off your New Years Resolutions by Supporting Universal Long-Term Care

The Confederation of Canadian Unions (CCU) wants to thank you once again for supporting our petition calling for universal Pharmacare in Canada.  Very soon, we will submit the petition to the Prime Minister, the federal Minister of Health, and all provincial and territory Premiers, and follow up by requesting a brief Zoom meeting or phone call with them on the issue. But this remains only half the battle, since long-term care still remains in private, for-profit hands.  After decades of funding cuts, privatization and deregulation, corporate-driven long-term care has become a national disaster, all of which has become all too obvious under COVID. That is why the CCU is calling for the creation of a public, universal long-term care program.  The new system must ensure there are enough long-term workers, supports and resources to provide world-leading, quality care that seniors and those with disabilities deserve.  All seniors in Canada should be guaranteed to enjoy their golden years in good health, safety and security, and people with disabilities should be guaranteed the best supports possible. What better way to kick off your 2022 resolutions than taking a stand for universal long-term care.  Please take a quick moment to support our petition below:

Confederation of Canadian Unions
6 months ago