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Lets Urge the Canadian Government to Implement a Meat Tax to Reduce Global Warming!

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Taxing meat to simultaneously tackle climate change and improve global health would be far less unpalatable than governments think, according to new research. Meat production produces 15% of all greenhouse gases – more than all cars, trains, planes and ships combined – and halting global warming appears near impossible unless the world’s fast growing appetite for meat is addressed. The new analysis says this could be done through taxes, increasing vegetarian food in schools, hospitals and the armed forces and cutting subsidies to livestock farmers, all supported by public information campaigns.

Scientists and world leaders increasingly agree that climate change is the biggest challenge that humanity faces. The federal government and state governments are currently debating a number of ways to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, such as requiring the production of more fuel-efficient vehicles, imposing a higher tax on gasoline, and mandating that household appliances be more energy efficient. But the truth is that the meat industry is one of the world’s leading causes of climate change.  

A 10-cent tax on every pound of chicken, turkey, pig, cow, fish, and other animal flesh sold in grocery stores and restaurants could help reduce Canadians skyrocketing annual health-care costs by encouraging people to eat less meat. According to the Canadian Dietetic Association, vegetarians are less prone to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer than meat-eaters are and also less likely to be obese.

The production of meat is also a leading cause of climate change, a looming environmental disaster that threatens the Canada and the US. with billions of dollars in damages from rising sea levels, worsening storms, and increased droughts. By discouraging meat consumption, this tax could help prevent future climate change and related natural disasters. Revenue from the tax could be used to fund educational programs about the many benefits of reducing meat consumption.


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