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End the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

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We are writing you to request that the Yulin government cancel the Yulin Dog Meat Festival which is held in Yulin on June 21. We want to voice our opposition as we believe the torturing and suffering of these dogs that takes place at this festival is immoral. We as foreigners have much respect for Chinese culture and traditions, but we believe that the treatment of animals during this festival encourages violent behaviors and undermines social stability. Throughout the 10 days of festivities, dogs are paraded in wooden crates and metal cages and are taken to be skinned and burned for consumption of festival attendants and local residents. Roughly 10,000 dogs are tortured to death annually at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, where the tender flesh of puppies is prized. This should not exist in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous modern civilized society.

The publicity that is attracted by the horrible treatment of animals during the festival creates a false representation of China. This reputation can potentially affect the tourism to China as animal abuse is shunned in many Western countries. The poor treatment of dogs is unappealing to many tourists and citizens due to the increased publicity of this event. During the festival, the streets of Yulin flow with dog blood, since dogs are often slaughtered in public. Have the dog meat dealers ever considered the feelings of the young children who witness the brutality on their way to school? The bloody scenes witnessed in public can cause severe mental distress and psychological trauma to people, particularly school children. Studies have long shown that exposure to violence can desensitize youth and cause them to later commit acts of cruelty and abuse.

We appeal to you in consideration of your reputation as it undermines the national interest regarding the care of dogs. The abuse and torture of these animals must end through ensuring This Yulin Dog meat festival stops being an annual tradition within Yulin.

We ask that this message is considered within the Federal government, as well as the Yulin government. Your efforts towards forwarding this message to Governor Chen Wu will be greatly appreciated. 

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