Fight animal abuse in Canadian zoos.

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Most people are not aware that zoos are a living hell for the animals that are sentenced to this life of imprisonment. Zoo owners are money driven, using these animals as tools. People of this nature do not care of the well being of these animals. Many zoo owners claim they are preserving a species. The majority of the time this is not true. See example of Canadian zoo:

Standard zoos keep animals in cages that are nowhere near spacious enough for their physical needs. These animals kept in captivity loose their sanity by being confined in small spaces.They bang their head and body against fences and bars in attempt to escape. The restraint put on the animals causes them to mentally break down. They quickly loose their sanity and become depressed. People do not have the right to do this to animals. This petition is to fight this animal abuse. I demand standard zoos make changes to give animals the space they need. If the owners refuse to do this, the animals will be relocated to a more sensible environment.