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End Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in Canada

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Dear Justin Trudeau,

Please, end BSL in Canada! It does NOT work!  The amount of dog bites that occur annually in this country has still been on the rise, despite the slow disappearance of "Pitbull" type dogs.  If you take the time to actually investigate, you will find study upon study that proves Breed Bans don't work.  All they do, it take innocent, loving dogs away from families.

Instead of banning a breed of dog, why not focus on the real problem - the owners.  Penalize back yard breeders and puppy mills, who do not breed to better the breed lines, but rather, do it for quick cash, not caring about the temperament of the dogs.  Require owners of Bully breeds to register their animals.  If a dog shows any aggression to people or other animals, demand that they be muzzled and leashed at all times when they are not on their own property.  There are many ways to reduce dog bites - these laws should also go for any breed of dog, not just Bully breeds!  In the past I have owned Chihuahuas and I will tell you, they were more likely to bite someone than any Bully I've ever met.  They needed to be muzzled.  Owners need to be responsible.  Don't punish dogs and responsible owners for what irresponsible people have done.

Please, end BSL in Canada and help us deal with the real issue, which is not the breed.

Thank you.


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