STOP Ireland Signing U.N. Global Compact on Migration on 11 December 2018 in Marrakesh!

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5 BILLION African, Asian and South American people, below the average income of Mexico, who live in Asia, Africa and Latin America want to come to The West, and will do so given half a chance, especially with the current incentives of free cash and welfare! This will greatly encourage illegal activity and human trafficking to unknown levels.

Multinationals and Corporations see these "humans" as profit fodder and politicians see them as malleable potential voters, totally disregarding the rights of the indigenous populations in The West and the harm this will cause to them and their families.

The UN Migration Pact would see Ireland and Europe open her borders to the world, exacerbating the migrant crisis. This would inevitably result in uncontrolled and unlimited migration to Ireland and Europe. The reality of this pact is that it will legitimize and encourage mass illegal economic migration, with its associated evils and abuse, which would add to the worlds existing 244 million migrants and is tantamount to an 'open borders one world pact'. In addition, the Pact goes even further to encourage nations to open their welfare systems, paid for by (taxpayers) as part of what is signed up to. This would see tax revenue diverted away from education, health etc., where it is badly needed, than to pay welfare for more migrants and incentivise illegal human trafficking.

The UN Migration Pact was also lobbied for by the big banks and 'big money' corporations to create an endless flow of human resources to serve their plans of globalist expansionism and profit growth at the expense of the nation-state and national sovereignty.

The Pact is also anti-democratic in nature as each countries' representative assumes the power to make civilizational level decisions without any democratic mandate or any consultation to the people of those nations who will bear the loss of sovereignty and identity through increased levels of migration.

Under the guise of it being voluntary, The Pact in fact has a totalitarian approach with regards to any opposition to it by coercing nations to create laws against the basic right of freedom of speech.

As a citizen of Ireland, I sign this petition to register my objection to the Irish Government decision to sign up to the UN Global Compact for alleged Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, on December 11th next.

The text of this document has the effect of conflating the distinction between illegal and economic migration and legitimate asylum claims, and where committed to by the Irish Government on behalf of the people of Ireland, will have the effect of undermining and eroding the constitutional rights and protections afforded to citizens of this State by Bunreacht Na hÉireann.

Agreement to this document constitutes an abrogation by the Irish State of its constitutional obligation to protect the rights, safety and welfare of Irish citizens.

We are asking that you as the elected public representative would proceed as a matter of priority to raise this issue for full debate in Dail Eireann.

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To see the existential danger this freedom of movement will create and the potential chaos and conflict this will trigger in the West, see the actual numbers involved in this video:

Surely UN and the Irish Government are aware of this?