Wrongfully Convicted! Help Free An Innocent Man Jerlon Morgan!

Wrongfully Convicted! Help Free An Innocent Man Jerlon Morgan!

August 10, 2022
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Started by Cee L

District Court for Tulsa, Oklahoma
Case No. CF-2010-1963
Case Filed: 5.21.2010


The following events disclose the wrongful conviction of Jerlon Morgan. A Jury verdict in October of 2011 that would impact the Morgan-Allen family forever. Mr. Morgan was a hardworking man, incredibly dedicated to his family and his church of 22 years. This young man was wrongfully convicted in November of 2011, forcing his two beautiful daughters to grow up without the personal influence and love of their Father. 

The lives of the Morgan-Allen family took a drastic turn in May of 2010 when Mr. Morgan and his Co-Defendant met up at a local park with former friends to discuss a prior misunderstanding amongst each other. As a result, Mr. Jerlon has been incarcerated for 11 years of a life sentence convicted of Murder in the First Degree in Tulsa County, Oklahoma. Even though Mr. Jerlon was not the antagonist, or the shooter; he was still convicted and has been serving time for a serious offense he did not commit. Mr. Jerlon was convicted solely on the testimony of one eyewitness Jarred Miller, a bystander, and friend of the victim Marcus Lewis. 

A second witness, Joseph Thomas, and Mr. Miller were interviewed on the scene where they provided an initial statement to law enforcement that did not include Mr. Morgan. Within twenty-four hours, Mr. Miller and Mr. Thomas advised investigators that they lied initially and now wanted to, "recant their original statement" on record. The second statement both eyewitnesses placed Mr. Morgan at the scene; however, investigators claim shortly after the statement was captured Mr. Miller informed them that he heard Mr. Morgan state to The Co-Defendant, "Finish him"

There was never any substantial proof of this statement by Mr. Morgan other than this alleged "off record" conversation, furthermore the second witness, Mr. Thomas, was within feet away of Mr. Miller claims he never heard Morgan state to, "Finish him." 

During the Jury Trial this, "off-record," conversation between Mr. Miller and the investigator was all that was presented to the Jury as evidence against Mr. Morgan. April of 2021 Mr. Miller has signed an Affidavit stating that he would like to recant his second statement, stating yet again he lied by adding on “Finish him,” when speaking off record to investigators. When Mr. Morgan got news of this newfound evidence, he retained an attorney in hopes of applying for Post-Conviction Relief (PCR). The PCR Application included the signed affidavit from Miller as well as a request for Dismissal of Conviction, and/or request for Appeal/Mistrial. After some time, D.A. Kevin Leitch requested Judge Cliff Smith deny the PCR Application. Judge Smith denied the PCR with prejudice, or without so much as a hearing, effectively removing the opportunity for Post-Conviction Relief in the future. 

This petition is to bring this case to the attention of not only the local/public community, but also to get the attention of the appropriate authorities as this ruling for Mr. Morgan did not bring Justice for Mr. Lewis the victim, nor did it result in a fair trial for Mr. Morgan; yet Mr. Morgan is still unlawfully detained in The Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

The D.A stated in his denial of Mr. Morgan's PCR Application that even though Mr. Miller recanted his story, Mr. Miller cannot be trusted as he has lied several times in prior statements to investigators; which Judge Smith agrees. If Mr. Miller is so unreliable to the Court, why was his alleged "off-record" conversation not only allowed into evidence, but also the only piece of evidence used in Mr. Morgan's sentence of Life in Prison? We now have two witnesses corroborating the same story, with this recanting, of how NO witnesses heard Mr. Morgan states, "Finish him." Both Mr. Miller and Mr. Thomas initial statements to police are unmissable, Proven a lie by detectives, and by the admittance of both witnesses when they 
informed investigators of their perjured initial statements and provided a second statement. 

If the Court wishes to uphold the unreliable and manipulative nature both 
eyewitnesses displayed early in the case, then at the very least Mr. Morgan deserves the chance at another trial where these two false words won’t be admitted as evidence. The lack of concern and attention that this case was missing initially, and currently, has resulted in over a decade of life missed not just for Mr. Morgan, but for his daughters and family as well. The truth of the matter is there was not just one crime committed back in May of 2010, there were two. The death of an innocent man, and the lies spun that resulted in the conviction of another innocent man, Jerlon Morgan. 

The Morgan Project is our attempt to be a voice for an African American minority that has had his voice stripped and his entire life taken away unfairly. It is our hope that this reaches the masses, and by doing so may uncover another avenue in which we can attempt to get Justice for Morgan. 


The Morgan Project is currently available and open to hearing from anyone who may have more knowledge or resources to help us in our fight for Jerlon Morgan. 

Contact email: Morgancaseproject@gmail.com

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