Justice For Jeannette DePalma Change from "Suspicious Death" to a "Homicide".

Justice For Jeannette DePalma Change from "Suspicious Death" to a "Homicide".

February 23, 2019
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Started by Justice For Jeannette DePalma

16-year-old Jeannette DePalma was murdered in August 1972, 51 years ago. Her death has never been solved.  New documents show DNA evidence that could solve her cold case in 2023. A task force in New Jersey must be created to solve her case.

Justice for Jeannette organization just held the 51st-year prayer vigil in Jeannette's memory and to spread awareness about her cold case murder August 2023.

Read More about Jeannette DePalma's 51st prayer vigil here

The major reason her murder can not be investigated and solved is there is no determined cause of death, so her case is still ruled a "suspicious death". This horrible murder will never be solved until this first step is taken. Please help us get this administrative roadblock out of the way so we can bring the murderers to justice.

"Justice for Jeannette" is an organization that was created by Jon Bancey,  Jeannette's nephew, Edward Salzano, and Holly Zuelle. 

Please help us change Jeannette DePalma's death from a "Suspicious Death" to a "Homicide". Recently new documents show DNA evidence that could SOLVE HER COLD CASE. Her death must be changed to a "Homicide" to arrest the killer. The killer's DNA is most likely on Jeannette's clothes.  So many other cold cases are being solved with the use of New Genealogy technology solving unsolved cold case murders.
With your help, we can solve this case and get Jeannette Justice.
Unless the case is changed to a homicide then her killer can never be tried.

Jeanette has suffered this travesty of injustice for almost 50 years! Please help us! It's time to tell the truth!

Jeannette had just turned 16 and was a sweet loving person who believed in God and was brutally murdered and left in the woods to rot. There is compelling new evidence that will convict these murderers, but it's going to be a fight to get this case reopened. The monsters who did this are still alive and we want Justice for Jeannette DePalma before it's too late. For more information go to:




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Signatures: 3,261Next Goal: 5,000
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