Justice for Ellen Rae Greenberg

Justice for Ellen Rae Greenberg

March 15, 2019
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Philadelphia Office of the Mayor Jim Kenney
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Started by Ellen Watch

Ellen Greenberg was murdered by way of 20 stab wounds, with 10 alone to the back of Ellen’s neck. While the City has since taken the view these wounds were “superficial,” they include a deep gash in her scalp, a stab wound through her vertebrae to the spinal cord, and another at the base of her skull into her brain.

After initially ruling Ellen’s death to be a homicide, the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Officer, at the insistence of the Philadelphia Police, suspiciously reversed itself weeks later and declared Ellen’s death to be a suicide.  Top forensic pathologists all agree the case is highly suspicious of murder. In fact, the City’s own neuropathologist, based on her own exam of Ellen’s spinal column injury, testified the wound was consistent with Ellen being stabbed after she was already dead, which rules out any possibility that Ellen stabbed herself.

A suicide ruling not only represents a misclassification of how Ellen died, but it also makes it more difficult for Ellen's parents to seek civil damages.  

Ellen's parents have sought to adjust Ellen's manner of death to "Homicide" or "Undetermined."  Oddly, the City of Philadelphia has fought back and is using litigation tactics to block Ellen's parents from seeking justice.  

The family’s request to the Philadelphia District Attorney to reopen and investigate Ellen’s case has been referred to the Chester County DA’s office for review. We are hopeful her office will review the case objectively and come to the same conclusion as every independent expert who’s looked closely at the facts of this case: that Ellen did not commit suicide. But that shouldn’t stop the City of Philadelphia from doing the right thing. It’s important that these officials understand the public are watching closely and are prepared to hold them accountable. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny has the power to order his Chief Medical Examiner to reopen Ellen’s case. We encourage you to reach out to the Mayor’s office and let him know this case is important to you, that Ellen’s death warrants a closer investigation, and that justice for Ellen must be done.  

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73 people signed this week
Signatures: 159,462Next Goal: 200,000
73 people signed this week
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