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Justice for Dog Ruthlessly Dragged behind Car


A sweet pit bull named Jingles is about to lose one of her legs after being brutally dragged behind a car.

The poor dog was found on the side of the road in Detroit’s East Side with two of her legs gruesomely mangled. The skin was completely torn off, exposing the bones.

Detroit Dog Rescue rescued the dog, but whoever committed this heinous is crime is still at large -- they must be found and held accountable for their cruelty.

“This wasn’t something where the dog was just hit and run over. There are no internal injuries or anything that can corroborate that story. That’s what I thought when I first saw the dog. The medical team here says no – that’s not what happened,” Kristina Rinaldi, the Executive Director of Detroit Dog Rescue, told Fox 2 News.

Detroit Dog Rescue brought Jingles to Oakland Veterinary Services, who examined her and found that, sadly, one of her mangled legs was beyond saving. Because of one person’s cruelty, this poor dog will spend her life on three legs.

Whoever did this to Jingles must be prosecuted for their horrific actions. They also need to be barred from every owning another animal again. Sign this petition to tell the Detroit Police Department that you want them to find and prosecute Jingles’ abuser to the full extent of the law. 


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