Require Warning Label On Pet Toxic Plants In Washington

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Last week my wife, Angie,  and I had to rush one of our young cats, Eclipse, to the Emergency Veterinarian, on Sunday, because she was not eating and VERY dehydrated.  They ran some tests and discovered that this year and a half young cat was in renal failure and her kidneys had shut down! After a night there on fluids to flush her system we then took her to our Veterinarian and when her numbers really started to decline rapidly we made  the very heart breaking  decision to put down our sweet loving little girl. What was the cause of this terrible situation?  Well someone had very thoughtfully bought us an Easter Lilly for Easter the week before.  Angie LOVES lilies and it sat on the kitchen Island and smelled so lovely. 

Now there are warning stickers on EVERYTHING today from warning us that hot coffee maybe hot to warnings not to use electrical appliances in the bath/shower!  I am not saying that we need to put warning stickers on every place in our lives but if we are requiring them to be placed where common sense should already be in place, why not where it would actually educate someone of something really important.  A warning on plants that can be DEADLY to our animals is not unreasonable.  My wife and I have had cats all of our lives and did not know that all types of lilies are deadly to cats!!!  We knew that Christmas poinsettias where deadly to cats but not lilies!  In doing research on this in the last week we have found that there are even more plants that are deadly or can cause harm to all kinds of pets!!!!   

This petition is asking our lawmakers to require that any plant that is sold, or delivered in Washington State that is know to be toxic to pets come with either a warning sticker or notice that states "This plant has been known to be TOXIC to pets!" This warning should also come with the ASPCA Poison Control Center Phone Number of (888) 426-4435 and their website address for Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants List;  

Bringing in a beautiful plant or flower into your home should not be a death sentence to your beloved animals not to mention the cost of emergency care!  Please sign and share this petition in memory of our sweet little girl, Eclipse!

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