Spare Vanessa's Life! Release Vanessa to her Family!

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Please keep this family together!

Vanessa was seized from her home around 8p.m. on July 8th following a bite allegedly produced by her, strictly based on her perceived breed, the morning of July 7th. 

There are conflicting accounts of what occurred that morning. What is known is the incident involved multiple dogs, under abnormal circumstances (Jeremy was not handling the dogs), without identification of Vanessa.

Vanessa is currently being held at Town of Sweden Kennels. This unit is not temperature controlled and Vanessa is without medication for her thyroid. The aforementioned items alone constitute animal cruelty, on top of the fact that Vanessa's guilt cannot be proven.

Three days of court proceedings and testimony over the course of three weeks have failed to show that Vanessa produced a bite.

Despite prosecutions attempts to block it, Vanessa received a Behavioral Evaluation administered by a Certified Trainer. Even under the stressful conditions and meeting a stranger the results of the evaluation showed ZERO aggressive tendencies. This came from an individual who has had to make the difficult decision, multiple times, that a dog is simply not able to safely live in society and administer euthanasia herself.

When Vanessa was last seen by certified trainer on July 22nd hair loss was observed, due to a combination of stress and uncontrolled thyroid levels.  

Vanessa and Jeremy’s lawyer have made multiple motions that Vanessa be released to her home, in Jeremy's direct care, under provisions of the court while proceedings continue. Each time the motion has been denied. 

Although it is not known if Vanessa inflicted the wound, Jeremy has sworn to take any measures necessary to keep Vanessa alive and his community safe. His home is on ten acres- Jeremy has stated multiple times that Vanessa would never need to walk on the street again. Sadly, the only outcome that will satisfy prosecution is euthanasia and tearing this family apart.

This case follows multiple incidences of mandated euthanasia/long term confinement ordered by Town of Ogden Court, deeply routed in breed bias. We must rally together to save Vanessa's life and put an end to this trend!

Please ask Town Justice Murante to release Vanessa to her human, Jeremy. Jeremy will take whatever steps necessary to ensure the safety of his neighborhood and beloved companion, Vanessa. Jeremy has owned multiple dogs for the length of their lives while residing in his current neighborhood over the past 20 years without incident. Jeremy has shown himself to be a responsible dog owner and conscientious neighbor. 

Please sign, share, send letters, make calls. Spread the word. CR# 20-8505 Vanessa’s life depends on it. Judge David A. Murante: (585)617-6117. Leave voicemails, send emails. Please spare Vanessa’s life!!