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Rev. Jared Rice, Sr.  ( Arisen Church, a faith-based Christian de-centralized endeavour) is being held unfairly, without bail and in solitary confinement at Kaufman Detention Center, Texas, in relation to allegations of fraud within the crypto-currency venue.  There is a new bail hearing coming up very soon and we hope to present the Court with much support for Rev. Jared's release at that Hearing.

Rev. Jared Rice, Sr. is not a "flight risk", and should not have been denied bail.  There is absolutely no need to keep him in custody awaiting trial.  Keeping him in custody puts him at a great disadvantage regarding preparing for a trial, and at the same time subjects him to imprisonment pressures (e.g., the stresses, restrictions and dangers of prison life; missing his young son, his friends, our Congregation, and his co-workers; the super-stressful uncertainty of his situation; isolation, very limited contact with the outside ... etc).  The prosecutors hope these pressures will cause him to capitulate, to 'cop a plea', instead of risking letting him prove himself innocent at a fair trial. 

This abomination of justice, this abusive, coercive imprisonment has been going on now for several months, since late November last year.  There is a new bail Hearing coming up very soon and we hope to present the Court with much support for  Jared's release at that Hearing, including this petition and letters of support.

God Bless You all, Your Family and Your Friends...and God Bless America, where once a person was treated as innocent until proven guilty.  Nowadays, it seems, one is treated right off the bat as guilty, and consequently, is made to prove one's own innocence.  Constitutionally, that's backwards.  What happened?

Please act quickly on this by adding your support and comments, below, either anonymously or by name.  Any messages for Rev. Jared will be relayed to him, as best as we can.

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Thank You very much for your timely, important support !