Sign off on 14 principles to end misogyny in the news industry

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#TimesUpNews -- your support has made an impact!

You and close to 1500 others have signed off on “14 principles to stop misogyny in the news”. If you have friends who haven’t, please ask them to join the effort! Since we published the #TimesUpNews open letter, it has been translated into four languages and republished all over the world. Close to home, here in Europe where #TimesUpNews was born, the European Journalism Center reacted to our campaign by announcing a plan to ensure gender equality within its team and projects. Inspired by this, Rick Dunham, co director of the Global Business Journalism program at Tsinghua University in Beijing, dedicated his 2018 commencement address to the proposition that the industry must act now to end sexism in the media. If you have seen other news organizations react in a meaningful way, please share by using the hashtage #TimesUpNews or by posting in the petition comments. We will be using this update function to keep you abreast of #TimesUpNews developments. Thanks for being with us! Meanwhile, if you’d like to stay on top of women’s issues in Europe more regularly, we invite you to subscribe to Newsmaven’s Women’s Weekly newsletter. -Zuza Ziomecka from Newsmavens, on behalf of #TimeUpNews

4 years ago