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People power is winning the war against cash

Jason Bryce
Newport, Australia

Mar 10, 2021 — 

It's busy in here today," I said casually to the checkout staff at Woolies Metro this morning.

"It's a lot busier now that we have returned to accepting cash," she replied with a big beaming smile.

Woolworths Metro supermarkets in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane suffered a consumer boycott when they 'went cashless.'

But Woolworths listened to Australians and heard them say:

"Cash is still king, thanks very much."

The media is also hearing our voice. Consumers want a choice of how they pay for their food, services and essentials. Banks, card companies and financial institutions push the idea of a cashless society but ordinary people are not convinced.

RBA data shows that Aussies are still withdrawing and using cash. Recently the central bank of Canada (like Australia's RBA) published research that found that if there are no ATMs or bank branches in a shopping centre or suburb, consumers are more likely to Tap and Go or pay with a card.

"...the critical factor was the distance people had to travel to withdraw cash," said the Bank of Canada. Is this why banks are closing down branches and ATMs? To force us into cashless transactions that can be surcharged and recorded?

Recently I paid my car registration online with a debit card and was slugged $4.81 in card fees.

I've had enough. These days I rarely have my payment cards in my pocket. I have removed my cards from my mobile phone 'wallet' and I almost always pay with cash. I can budget and keep track of my spending easily. I have given up Tap and Go and my spending is under control - plus, believe it or not, I have lost weight!

Yes that's right - I have lost weight because I'm not buying so much junk food. I did some research and it's true - card and cashless payments lead to less healthy eating. Scientists have shown that using cash helps you lose weight.

Our voices are being heard and cash is coming back in a big way. Please share our petition and let's win this war. Our government should ensure that retailers, especially supermarkets selling food and essentials, accept cash payments well as card transactions.



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