Inspire Purina To Help End Declawing With Some Of The Money They Are Making From It

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Purina's "Yesterday's News Cat Litter" is recommended by veterinarians for declawed cats because their paws are just too painful to use regular litter. While it is nice of Purina to offer this to these poor cats, we, the undersigned, feel that Purina should realize that by offering this product, they are implicitly condoning a surgery that is cruel to cats. Purina, we ask you to protect cats instead.

Purina, we ask you to truly care about the welfare of all cats and to help out with the anti-declaw crusade by using some of the millions of dollars that you are actually making from your sales of Yesterday's News litter that supports declawing.

 "Purina4Paws" Campaign Idea

            Purina could put facts about declawing on their website that has all sorts of educational stories about everything cat related and cat health info but NOTHING ABOUT DECLAWING AND HOW IT IS AN AMPUTATION PROCEDURE AND ALWAYS HARMFUL TO THE LONG TERM HEALTH AND WELL-BEING OF A CAT.

Purina has a mutually beneficial relationship with declawing veterinarians. Purina & Declawing vets story

  • Purina could use their resources to make inspiring videos, like their Dear Kitten videos, that would educate cat owners about cat behavior and why declawing is so bad for cats. Cat's need their claws for so many aspects of their health and well-being, and Purina could teach cat owners about the humane alternatives to declawing, like sturdy scratchers, nail trims, soft paws, etc. 

  • Also, Purina could donate just $1 from every sale of Yesterday's News litter to an organization, like the or, who are working hard to end this unnecessary and inhumane amputation procedure.

Purina, please look at the big picture. Yes, we know that you might lose income if declawing is banned, but you would gain so much by being the first major cat corporation that stands up for cats. That has to be worth millions of dollars of free advertising. 

Around 10-14 million American cats a year are declawed and the majority of those cats use Purina's Yesterday's News cat litter.

Declawing is an excruciatingly painful orthopedic amputation procedure. It is mutilating, inhumane, and very unnecessary since there are always humane alternatives. Sadly, 96% of declaws are done for the welfare of a piece of furniture.

UPDATE: On March 15, 2017, Purina started giving these replies to supporters who reached out to them online about this campaign.

Comment from Purina, "While we defer to the cat's owner and their trusted veterinarian to make any health decisions for their pet, we will share your post with our team"

Comment from Purina, "We understand your concerns. Like you, we're passionate about pets and only want the best for them. We recognize that this is a very emotional issue, and opinions and laws vary by city and country. At Purina, our focus is on supporting all cats with the nutrition and litter that the individual cat needs, as well as finding all cats a loving home."

Dear Purina,

Declawing is not a controversial issue; it's just plain wrong.  If Purina is really focused on supporting cats, then don't condone their mutilation and help us end it. Declawing does not assure a cat its home. If it did, we wouldn't be fighting so hard.


Here is more about my Purina4Paws idea-

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Also please go to the to read about the facts about declawing and their crusade to end declawing. They are also on facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


(Purina is owned by Nestle, which is a company based in Switzerland. Declawing has been banned in Switzerland for many years)