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Josep Maria Bartomeu und

Warum ist diese Petition wichtig?

Gestartet von FC Barcelona Fans

Dear readers, 

this petition is meant as a respectful approach towards the FC Barcelona board, and more personally: FC Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu. 

This is the opinion of the fans... YOUR fans, your SUPPORTERS who have to witness their team suffering week in, week out. We want to support you but if you are not able to atleast speak upon the fans‘ concerns and its reason, there is no point of the idea: „more than a club“. We are here to remind you, dear President, FC Barcelona board & anyone who feels addressed, of the clubs‘ essence and principles.

We wish Valverde all the best and would even like to keep him if he would only be a fitting and consistent coach. But after 2 traumatizing eliminations in the Champions League, the absolutely TERRIBLE start into the current season and most importantly the (attention: subjective statement yet neutral observation) BORING football FC Barcelona fans got to see, ever since Valverde has arrived to the club. His professionalism & ability to take responsibility is great but doesn‘t change anything about the clear observation that he is not the right coach. Most of us could never imagine the board holding onto any of the former coaches of FC Barcelona for so long (it‘s his third season) with these kinds of performances.

After almost 2-3 years of the hashtag #ValverdeOut, we want our board to take action, not in a few years, months or even weeks. We want them to take action NOW. We have been waiting enough, its to a point where  the board are covering their mistakes with Valverde‘s face which could honestly endanger his safety and no one wants see that.

#ValverdeOut is NOT a movement against the coach, it‘s a movement against the incompetence of our board to take proper action. 

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