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Save The Leuser Ecosystem, Save Our Planet!

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Mr Jokowi,

I am certain that you have heard that recently that Aceh has been frequently struck by flood and landslides. The local government is still trying to handle the situation and to prevent the flood from happening again. Then, while this problem is not over yet, I was surprised with the fact that The Leuser Ecosystem is no longer protected. Major disaster is waiting for us and generation to come.

This calamity started since the Aceh government legalized the Aceh Spatial Plan (2013-2033), without including the Leuser Ecosystem into the National Strategic Area. This matter is clearly ignoring the Law No. 26/2007 about Spatial Plan and Law No. 11/2006 about Aceh Government. In 2014, the Ministry of Home Affairs had submit their review and request to revise the Spatial Plan, which clearly stated to include the Leuser Ecosystem into National Strategic Area. Yet, the review never followed up by the Aceh government.

The Leuser Ecosystem had support the life of Aceh people. Millions of people depend on its forests for clean water, agriculture, fisheries, and other industries. The Leuser Ecosystem (KEL) is the only place where orangutans, elephants, rhino and tigers co-exist in one habitat. But now, roads are being constructed through the forests. Mining activities had occurred in mountains. Plantation permit for thousands of hectares is being issued easily. The forest where customary people live for generations is being jeopardized. Our river dried, except when it is flooded and causing landslides. Leuser as the prosperity symbol of Acehnese is under major threat.

Mr Jokowi,

This fight has been going for years, and had involved many people and organizations in Aceh. The Governor and Aceh Parliament has been ignoring us. I wish that you could hear our aspiration and take action. What I wish is not a complicated matter, and has a clear legal standing. If you and your officials in The Ministry of Home Affairs can implement the Minister of Home Affairs Decree No. 650-441/2014, by canceling the Aceh Spatial Plan 2013-2033 that excluding the Leuser Ecosystem in to the National Strategic Area. The cancellation will become an important beginning for developing the spatial plan that inline with our interest, the people of Aceh.

Please protect our Leuser, Sir.


#LindungiLeuser #SaveLeuser

*Please watch Aceh Citizen Lawsuit Movement documentary here

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