STOP Travelling Dolphin Shows!

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They’re intentionally starved. Transported in cramped and dark trucks in almost dry conditions for hours. The chlorine in the pool can make them blind. The loud truck/plane engine sound, and music from the show damage their sonar. Its not a surprise that they are sometimes found dead. And all this in the name of education and conservation?

This is what is was found at the Travelling Dolphin Circus being run by Wersut Seguni Indonesia (WSI) across Indonesia. The circus claim to have rescued these dolphins but in fact the dolphins are captured from the wild at around $200-300 each.

Indonesia is the only country where this cruel "entertainment" continues. We can stop this, if we pressure companies to stop their support for the circus. That means supermarkets like Ramayana and regional governments in Java to stop providing space.

In the past, through public pressure, companies like Carrefour have stopped providing them a venue, and just weeks ago, Garuda agreed to stop transporting these dolphins by air.

Now, let’s ask the Indonesian minister of environment and forestry: to these terrible dolphin travelling shows!

Sign this petition NOW, and save the dolphins!


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