Indonesia, Tackle Climate Crisis and Reach Net-Zero Emissions by 2050!

Indonesia, Tackle Climate Crisis and Reach Net-Zero Emissions by 2050!

3 Maret 2021
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No one knows when the end of the world will happen, but scientifically it can be assured that we are on our way to a great disaster: a world that will be hotter by 3 to 4 degrees Celsius

So what? This means that we will not have enough food supply, diseases will spread virally (even COVID-19 is already a sign), sea levels will rise, and islands are sinking (in fact, Jakarta is the world’s fastest sinking city), clean water will deplete, more species will go extinct, and conflicts such as climate refugees and wars will be more common. 

These are not predictions, but facts. It will happen.

If you are part of the younger generation, the newborns, teenagers, college students, fresh graduates, you will be living your prime years in a disease-ridden and sickened earth ecosystem. Parents, heed this for your children.

Fortunately, the solution exists. The 2015 Paris Agreement witnessed countries worldwide committing to avoid warming beyond 1,5 degrees celsius. The earth will remain to be hotter, however, it will be at a moderate temperature increase -- just enough break to secure a safer future for generations to come. 

Indonesia has to be part of the solution to this global crisis. 

Therefore, we, Indonesians, environmental advocates and activists, the business community, taxpayers, the youth, the older generations, and policy stakeholders, asks our Government with humility and due respect, to do the following:

1. Increase Indonesia's climate commitment by targeting a 50% carbon emission reduction between 2020 until 2030 (as opposed to a Business As Usual scenario), and reach a "Net Zero" condition or carbon neutrality by 2050.

2. Establish a cross-ministerial and cross-sectoral coordinating body that can effectively monitor and synergize Indonesia’s emission reduction ambitions in an integrated manner.

3. Formulate and adopt climate change laws that provide legal basis for Indonesia’s national climate commitments and Net-Zero goals.

With the success of the G20 Summit under Indonesia’s leadership in 2022, Indonesia has to continuously show its climate leadership. Indonesia has to be a mover and shaker in the global climate agenda.

This petition is not to criticize the Government. This petition conveys the aspirations and concerns of the Indonesian people for the future of Indonesia and mankind. 

Climate action is the new aspect of Indonesian nationalism in the 21st century. 

Sign this petition and speak your voice.

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Tanda tangan: 31.182Tujuan Berikutnya: 35.000
Dukung sekarang