Ban Sumatran wild bird hunting

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Sumatran wild birds are experiencing a crisis. To meet huge demand from the bird markets, especially in Java, the poaching and smuggling of Sumatran wild birds is becoming out of control. Birds are even poached from protected areas, such as the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park and the Kerinci Seblat National Park. The forests are becoming silent.

Hunting, smuggling, trading and keeping birds that are rife in Indonesia is not only a conservation issue, but also animal welfare. The function of birds is very important in the ecosystem. They eat the seeds and then sow the seeds for plant regeneration. Birds also play a role in maintaining the balance of the food chain. The reduced population of insectivorous birds will result in an increase in insect populations which then become pests for farmers.

One reason for FLIGHT to end the bird trade is the issue of animal welfare. Birds confined inside small cages have no quality of life. Birds need more than food. We must guarantee them to behave naturally and fly freely wherever they like.

For decades, keeping birds as pets has become part of the culture of Indonesian people, especially Javanese people. Java has become a market and a big threat to wild birds, especially Sumatran birds.

The island of Sumatra, which is relatively closer to Java compared to other islands, is one of the reasons why Sumatran wild birds are in crisis. In addition, of course, the population and diversity of Sumatra's rich bird species has become the target of greedy hunters and smugglers.

FLIGHT research reveals that more than 1 million Sumatran wild birds are stolen from nature every year to supply the bird market, especially in Java. This figure was obtained by interviewing collectors and large traders of Sumatran birds.

In the past 1.5 years, FLIGHT has conducted investigations, created a profile of traders, and mapped Sumatran bird trade routes, in addition to collaborating with quarantine authorities to thwart the smuggling of wild Sumatran birds into Java at the Ports of Bakaheuni, Lampung and the Port of Merak, Banten. Bakaheuni Port and Merak Port are two ports connecting Sumatra and Java.

In the past 1.5 years FLIGHT in collaboration with Quarantine authorities has also rescued more than 15 thousand birds. FLIGHT works to conduct investigations and join patrols with Quarantine authorities in the Bakehuni Port, Lampung and Merak port, Banten to prevent the smuggling of Sumatran wild birds into Java. All surviving confiscated birds have been released after passing a medical examination.

Take action: get Sumatran wild birds out of crisis. Ask the Indonesian government to ban Sumatran wild bird hunting