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JOCO Commission Vice Chair Mike Brown Incites Violence/Civil War

N McDonald
United States

Sep 14, 2020 — 

Johnson County Board of Commissioners Vice Chair Mike Brown has finally gone too far & should be removed from the Vice Chair position.  Mike Brown is actively inciting violence. This cannot stand and warrants serious repercussions.  His behavior is unethical and beneath his office.  I am renewing my call to Chairman Ed Eilert to ask that Commissioner Mike Brown be removed from the Vice Chair position.

The following quote from Commissioner Brown can be found on his page ( )

"I’ve always understood the premise that one shouldn’t beat the drums of war unless they’re ready go to war. I’ve also always understood that when someone insisted on beating the war drum that war is inevitable.
I hear the war-drum off in the distance from a not far away place foreshadowing in whispers the haunting cadence of the coming war.
€ Ambushing officers sitting in a car.
€ Blocking traffic on bridges & highways.
€ Beating innocent folks.
€ Defacing national monuments.
€ Vandalizing public assets.
€ Burning churches.
€ Looting stores.
€ Spray painting ACAB on cop cars.
€ Intimidating folks walking on a street.
€ Throwing bricks into crowds of people.
All of these things listed above - and many more - are the tools being employed by some who would prefer anarchy.
a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.
a violent uprising against an authority or government.
They WANT anarchy.
They WANT insurrection.
They do not want liberalism, not Democrat electeds, not a more just society, not a conversation about how we work together to make things better.
Anarchy. Insurrection.
And what electeds and community leaders are decrying this as wrong and calling for it to end? Think about that for a moment. Can’t think of many, right?
Now think about who sits silent on this topic while Officers are shot and killed, buildings burn and anarchy rules the night?
Where is Barrack Obama, Jessie Jackson, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Rham Emanuel, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly, KCMO Mayor Quinton Lucas - and so many others who should be demanding this nonsense end? They are silent. They are weak. They are not leaders. They are merchants of exploitation and weaknesses and so the question turns to “why?”
Let me help you answer this question; all of this anarchy is a means to an end. It’s ok that you are scared, that your property is damaged. It’s all ok they are destroying and burning property. It’s ok that Americans wearing a law enforcement uniform are killed. Anarchy is ok... because they all believe you are simply too scared to do anything about it and they believe it damages Donald Trump. And that right there is the only goal of all of this - but it’s not working. They’ve overplayed their hand. They’ve gone way too far and now it’s too late to get it back. And that is causing panic on the Left which will lead to a ramping up of more chaos, so prepare yourself; prepare to vote, prepare to support candidates who carry your message, buy a firearm and ammunition and take a class now to learn how to safely use it to defend yourself and your property, know what’s happening around you at all times.
This is not a joke nor is it hyperbole. It is a real fight for control of America... and control of you. Here is another thing that isn’t a joke or hyperbole; I’d rather fight and die than live in their dictated world.
And right now I’ve got my own war drum - and I’m waiting for the other side to give me reason to pound on it.
And I will.
Say when.
Don’t tread on me.
“ ... but one of them would make war rather than let the nation survive; and the other would accept war rather than let it perish. And the war came.” ~ Lincoln
#Big6th #LeanIn #BlueLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter #SayWhen #WhosIn #Prepare""JOCO Commission Vice Chair Mike Brown Incites Violence/Civil War

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