Ban fireworks in Toronto (use only silent fireworks).

Ban fireworks in Toronto (use only silent fireworks).

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Is anyone else furious about the use of fireworks in the city of Toronto?

Fireworks are bad for the environment. The loud gun-shot noises trigger veterans with PTSD, autistic people, anxious people, pets (primarily dogs and cats), and wild animals who get misplaced from their families.

Please sign this petition if you believe that city of Toronto should enforce silent fireworks to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy peace and quiet, and for those that want to see pretty lights in the skies - silently. 

Please send an e-mail to John Tory asking him to only allow silent fireworks in the city of Toronto -

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My story: Misha, my border collie, is my support animal. She has saved me numerous times when I needed help. When I see her shaking from pure terror, it absolutely breaks my heart. We spend "firework" evenings in my bathroom, with the fan on, inside the bathtub, trying to drown out the fireworks noise. I have spent hundreds of dollars on training and it didn't help. Misha is completely terrified of the noise and just shakes for hours on end. All I can do is just be there beside her and try to distract my dog from the awful sounds. 

Thank you!