Council Member John Lee: Resign Immediately

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Considering the involvement of Los Angeles City Council Member John Lee ("City Staffer B") revealed in the indictment of Lee's former boss, former Council Member Mitch Englander, in receiving personal benefits (aka bribes) from Businessperson A and Developer A and in producing a false document (back-dated check), we call on John Lee to immediately resign from the City Council and to declare that he will not serve another term if he is found to be the winner of the just-completed election.

John Lee, as the supposed "choice of law enforcement," you must resign immediately.

Here is the full indictment of Mitch Englander. Note paragraphs 15, 17-19, 25, 28, and 31(b) pertaining to City Staffer B, known to be John Lee in his capacity as Chief of Staff for Englander.