Vote of no confidence in Head Teacher and JKHS Senior Leadership Team

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Due to our deep concern over the conduct of senior management at John Kyrle High School in Ross on Wye. We petition for the removal of the schools Head Teacher, Mr Nigel Griffiths and Operational Headteacher Mr David Boyd. Followed by a vote of no confidence in members of the Senior Leadership Team and overseeing management/ Governors, who have allowed this to happen during their tenure.

Since Mr Griffiths arrival Long serving members of staff have resigned, and he has subjected members of staff to bullying and harassment, seriously affecting their mental health and well being. Mr Griffiths actions have damaged the reputation of the school, and adversely affected the mental wellbeing of Teachers & Staff.

Mr Griffiths actions have already been referred to the NUT, the Local Education Authority and  Employment Tribunal. Tribunal Documentation

We wish Mr Griffiths and Mr Boyd no ill will, but fundamentally consider their values to be at odds with the Values and Standards of those entrusted in our children education, and propose moving forwards with a vote of no confidence in their leadership, with the recommendation to Governors that they be removed from post, effective immediately. 

The Governors themselves are not entirely blameless. Denise Strutt should be independent, it is the point of a Chair of Trustees to police and oversee the school's management with a critical eye. This behaviour at the direction of Nigel Griffiths has happened under Denise Strutt, and she should step down from this position.

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