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Child visitation and support reform

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The current system is geared toward mothers collecting child support or deadbeat fathers not willing to be in the child's life or pay the support. It doesn't take into consideration the good fathers who want to be in their kids life and the mothers who want to live off of child support.         

Our goal here is to reform the current child support laws to A) consider the home life of the payer (additional children, bills, health etc)when calculating payments . B)add visitation/joint custody and child support together, so that no-one is paying child support for a child they are not allowed to see. C) consider both parents lifestyle choices (home, work, significant other etc) when determining support and custody.

  Child Support Reform. The problem that we want to address is associated with the child support enforcement system. The child support system is considered unfair to good fathers, regards to its decentralized system and mystified laws. C.S.E.A has displayed significant discriminiton, in verbal manners and decisions based on the parent being a man. ●DECENTRALIZED ISSUES Visitation rules are not included immediately in child support decisions once the father is ordered to pay support. The parent ordered to pay support current household conditions are not included either, i.e. biological and adopted children in the household, rent/mortgage, utilities, rent increase based on extra room for the child, time spent throughout the week, medical insurance increase due to adjustment, and tuition. C.S.E.A has 4 different departments to address each particular issue, which is time consuming and financially frustrating, when trying to modify these issues through the court. We believe that this method can be simplified and centralized, atleat to 2 Departments. Job and Family services are inefficient with providing proper information on laws, rules and recommendations on how the Parent can correct order issues. ●FORMS OF DISCRIMINATION We believe that when determining father by D.N.A results, that the confirmed father should be treated equal as the Mother is treated no unexceptions should be used against the father because he is a man. If a man loses his job it should be a system set for immediate modification for the father to avoid behind payments, lost of license and incarceration. Especially if the father already has established visitation, and has a shared parent agreement. Fathers in child support cases can be reviewed by the mother if she wants more financial support, this process should be accesible to payees also. The payee should be able to request a review on the custodial parents living conditions, i.e. residence size, who is residing with the child and mother, and also mothers income. There are cases where the custodial parent is living off the child support, these cases are never enforced and ignored. Parents living off of support are not providing the best interest of the child, for child support is a self explanatory title. If either parent provides living space for the child and spends significant time with the child like a parent is suppose to do, then both parents should be considered custodial parents. ●REFORM IMPACT The goal is to get some officals to look into to the disparate that child support causes to the non custodial parent. This reform suggestion is not to stop support payments but to take a closer look at that structure and its inconsistencies. How we can impact and give fair and equal treatment to both parents. We must acknowledge the disparity between mother and father titles within family court. If a father loses his job and support stops he can go down hill with no assistance to prevent it, but when a mother loses a job and home she is provided with home assistance, medical assistance, multiple vouchers, and even a place to live with free rent for a year. I dont believe that to be fair. New laws and rules needs to be updated in the child support enforcement agency, because there are fathers who are in their childs life, but have to face disparate challenges, because they don't have any funds to celebrate the childs birthday, or buy the basic essentials. It has been said its hard to determine if the mother of a child is spending the money to support the child, if thats the case its not hard to determine when the father is actually in the childs life.

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