We Demand The Prosecution of Pastor Spell of Life Tabernacle Church

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Initially, 'Tony Spell, a pastor in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, says he will defy government orders intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Oneness Pentecostal congregation met on Tuesday March 17, despite the declaration of a state-wide public health emergency banning gatherings of 50 or more people. Life Tabernacle Church plans to meet again on Sunday, setting up a possible legal clash between religious liberty protections and the state’s authority to respond to a pandemic.

“The virus, we believe, is politically motivated,” pastor Tony Spell told CNN affiliate WAFB. “We hold our religious rights dear, and we are going to assemble no matter what someone says.”

The church typically draws more than 1,000 attendees on Sunday. About 300 gathered Tuesday night and the pastor posted a 25-minute clip of the service from Central City News on his Facebook page. Ministers passed out anointed handkerchiefs and Spell preached about fear.

“This is an extreme test brought on us by the spirit of antichrist and the mystery of lawlessness,” he told the congregation. “What good is the church in an hour of peril if the the church craters and caves in to the fears and the spirits of torment in our society?”'[source: Christianity Today]

On Sunday, March 22, despite personal pleas to not defy the order again by opening his church by current Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, Tony Spell continued to defy orders that are in place to save his fellow citizens. 1800 people attended his immoral and unauthorized money plate collection meeting, what his flock calls "Sunday church."

We the people of this same area, already hard hit by more than our share of Coronavirus Covid-19 infections, believe that this charlatan and his brother cousin Tim are premeditated killers who must be stopped and held responsible for their sick and selfish actions. We ask our Governor to have Spell arrested immediately and charged with 1800 counts of reckless endangerment for a start, for the countless lives he will be brutalizing and even ending with his selfishness and ignorance. We further ask that he be made personally to answer legally for each and every infection and death in the 5 parishes surrounding his church in East Baton Rouge Parish occuring anytime after 17 March 2020.