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Joe Salazar Colorado State Reprenative House District 31: To resign

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As of last week and this week the the people of the State of Colorado have started to losing their rights to defend themselves.

Many of you know Joe Salazar made comments in regards to the ability that female should not carry weapons on a college campus. Their only defense in case of a rape attack, was to carry a whistle and use a call box. The reason he does not want females to carry a weapon, because they do not have the ability to know. If they are in danger or not, and may POP a round off and kill the wrong person.
Joe Salazar does not represent the women in Colorado, and even in the nation. In my view, he is a disgrace. And should step down from office.

A message has to be sent, to all of the members of government. Who want to take away our rights. So let's start with Joe Salazar.

People! We have to start, to fight for our rights. And this is a good place to start.

Please tell your friends and pass this on. And let's see if we can take back, what's ours.

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