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Wednesday May 7th 2020 Dreasjon (Sean or Dre) Reed was killed by an IMPD officer. What the officers on scene, laughing after the murder happened didn’t know is that Sean was streaming a live feed on Facebook. The feed was live when he was shot and there after while officials of the IMPD were standing around making light of the situation and LAUGHING!

THESE officers should be trained PROFESSIONAL men or women (RIP BRE) and they should be silent after something like this and speak only to the appropriate authorities and not to their buddies on the force. Even so I can think of many acceptable responses but instead these officials said...

“Well looks like it’s gonna be a closed casket homie”

“You got him good”

Laughing can clearly be heard post the young mans death as if this were a celebration or something they  were happy I have done 

“thats what he gets for running”

The last conversation that can be heard will send chills down your spine. The conversation started to what sounds like formulate a cover up story “he got one off first?” And “we don’t know maybe he was on something.” 

Also, are they within rights or doing the right thing for the investigators and evidence by deleting the live video from the mans facebook?

We all had to suffer hearing how our IMPD authorities acted after such a tragic event happens. Had we not heard this behavior we would assume this was a hero and not a murderer. They celebrated the death of this BLACK MAN, like it was a victory in a war game. We all know this ONLY because they didn’t know they were on live. THE LAUGHING WAS INAPPROPRIATE, the only thing funny about this situation. God seen it all happen. It is now our responsibility to make sure they don’t get away with this NEGLIGENT BEHAVIOR! 

We would like to petition that they do not get to investigate themselves for this murder as we believe it is a conflict of interest to even come near the crime scene or evidence. 

Our next request is special training for the officers of IMPD. Was chasing and murdering this man the BEST option? The only option? How could this have been handled instead? Police officers should be hero’s not cowards. The power and ego trips have to end! We want justice in our community. We want our boys to feel safe and empowered by law enforcement, instead they are afraid and intimidated. We beg for Chief Randal Taylor to please institute additional special operations training to prevent this kind of violence as an end result during the apprehension of a suspect. This started as a high speed chase, led to a foot chase- did it have to end in Murder? What precautions or changes in policy can IMPD IMPLEMENT to prevent shots fired in the future? I’m not a law enforcement official but I assume there are other measures that could have been taken to apprehend this suspect, instead he lost his life over it.


Your very heartbroken residents, the tax payers of Marion county

—and our friends, family and supporters!