Tell our governments to allow separated binational couples & families safely reunite

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We are binational couples & families separated by countries and continents. We number in the tens of thousands and more. We are suffering with stress, anxiety, depression and worse from prolonged separation from our significant other with no end in sight.

We also have endless uncertainty and worsening restrictions including financial penalties most of us cannot afford and criminal convictions for travelling to see our loved one, plunging many of us to into even deeper states of poor mental health (as anyone who is in one of our facebook groups trying to reunite can attest to) and we are not doing well.

We dont deserve to be fined 1000s of euros  just because we happen to love someone from another country, another continent and want to be reunited with them. We should not be threatened with a criminal conviction for wanting to do this. We are not tourists, we have only one destination and that is into the arms of our loved ones.

There have been some of us that have been sick or hospitalised without having a partner with them, some have had to give birth with their partner thousands of miles away, children suffering without a parent or grandparents, & partners struggling with their mental health, not knowing if or when they might can see each other. This is cruel. Going through a health crisis, financial crisis, a pandemic, and being mentally challenged in this way without your significant other by your side is at best gut wrenching. It is inhumane to be treated in this way by our governments, who we feel have abandoned us, the people, in our time of desperate need.

Speaking for ALL couples (heterosexual, LGBTQ, never mets, married, unmarried etc) and their children (born & unborn), and their families, we demand to be seen as "essential" and to be given a clear path to reunite, with urgency.

We should be exempted and classed as essential travel.

We have been overlooked and ignored, treated like we don't matter. We are literally dying of broken hearts.

This is about LOVE, not tourism.

We are willing and want to test, isolate at home and retest again on either day 5, 10 or 14 - whichever is most appropriate. We take this seriously and will do everything to protect ourselves and others from Covid 19 and we do deserve to be together.

There are Facebook groups dedicated to connecting and supporting separated couples, too many to mention all, here are some:

Couples separated by travel bans; (16k)

Love Is Not Tourism; (43k)

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Also please check twitter for these hashtags used by separated couples fighting to reunite #LoveIsNotTourism #LoveIsEssential #LiftTheTravelBan;

Website for the love is not tourism movement

Please listen to Ylva Johansson EU Commissioner for Home Affairs who has asked that unmarried couples that are separated be exempted from the non essential travel ban to allow reunification.










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