Stricter Laws & Harsher Penalties for Impaired, Stunt & Reckless Driving

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I am petitioning to strengthen Laws, set and make Mandatory Maximum & Minimum Sentences for Serious Driving Convictions including:

Impaired Driving causing Bodily Harm

Impaired Driving Causing Death

Dangerous Operation causing Bodily Harm

Dangerous Operation causing Death

Criminal Negligence Causing Bodily Harm

Criminal Negligence causing Death

As well, to Amend Parole Eligibility periods for above mentioned convictions to 3/4 of Sentence served from 1/3  and dependent on each situation, for each count to be served consecutively rather than concurrently to a determined maximum.

In the Marco Muzzo case, he killed 3 children & their grandfather after he drove through a stop sign while driving impaired.

He was given a 10 yr sentence & was granted day parole after 3.5 yrs of time served.

Brady Robertson, on June 18th 2020  while (Allegedly) Driving Impaired & speeding, tried to evade police, drove through a red light in an intersection, T-Boning a white van, killing a 37 yr old mother and her 3 daughters ages 1,3,6.

Brady Robertson was driving on a suspended license, had previous driving infractions, he had non-matching plates, didn't own the Infinity  and shouldn't have been in a car driving period.

On Sat October 10th,

A Repeat Impaired Offender, Peter Simms, was (Allegedly) Driving Impaired a third time & had engaged in aggressive driving with a 2nd Vehicle, contributing to Simms losing control of his Audi & Hitting 19 yr old Jag Brar's vehicle head on, killing him.

On Monday Nov 2nd,

A Well Respected Community Figure, Mr Robert Carreau the Head of Rosseau Lake College, was struck by an Impaired Driver while walking & killed. The Offender, had a Previous Conviction of Impaired Driving in 2009.

We need to ensure these families get justice for their lost loved ones and stricter penalties need to be put in place to prevent this from continuing to happen.

Please help me GET THE LAWS CHANGED & sentences increased.

This HAS TO STOP innocent lives are being lost for no reason and it is fully preventable.

Please support me in this cause we need to take ACTION NOW.