Stop the Demolition of Sneinton Market - No more student flats in Nottingham!

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Why independent businesses at Sneinton Market face uncertain future amid demolition fears

More student flats to be built in Sneinton Market

Fears 'wall of high rise buildings' could be built east of Nottingham city centre

A powerful private company - IQ Accommodation has lodged an application to Nottingham City Council to radically alter the Exchange Building on Gedling Street by demolishing the fluted roofed structures that contain creative clothing business One BC, Murat Food Centre and GB Café and then to extend the current building over the footprint of those shops, to add further floors on top to extend the height. If approved this will turn the existing structure into a much bigger building with yet more student flats. 
This application is unsympathetic to the location (an historic marketplace in a conservation area) and it increases the number of student flats in a small area that is already saturated with them – there are currently already a staggering 362 student flats already in the Market alone, and that’s not counting the student flats planned for the site of the Bingo Hall on the Wells Road and those planned for the corner of Bath St/Cowan Street, the existing flats next door to the Rest Garden and those on Curzon Street.  It will also mean the end of One BC, Murat and GB Café. 
It will mean the loss of valuable local businesses, not to mention some unique architectural features which are part of the heritage and character of the market. This also disrupts the creative community culture and spirit.
Our campaign needs to run on two fronts:
1.     A direct and quick response to get the planning application rejected.
2.     A more strategic operation to get the Council to think differently about this sort of development that they seem to be encouraging.

Join us now to stop the creative slaughter!