Retire Dolphins to Ocean Sanctuary.

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Dolphins have been suffering in the Mojave Desert for 24 years. Public opinion is quickly changing, and people are growing to no longer accept forms of animal abuse as entertainment. The owners of the dolphin habitat in Las Vegas should partner with the National Aquarium in creating the first dolphin sanctuary for captives. 

The park board at the Vancouver Aquarium voted to end the cetacean breeding program. Clearwater Marine Aquarium, whos dolphin starred in "A Dolphin Tale", said they would no longer be in the entertainment business, scrapping plans for a new performance stadium. The Baltimore Aquarium has stated that they are considering building a dolphin sanctuary in the ocean for their dolphins to retire in, stating they have found their audience to be more concerned about the health of our planet, and less willing to simply accept the same way of doing things. MGM Resorts International has a chance to join these facilities and garner support in a huge movement and make history.