Improvements to the game LAST ISLAND OF SURVIVAL

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My name is Samuel Saval and I am from one of the largest LAST ISLAND OF SURVIVAL game community in Brazil and the Brazilian community is dissatisfied and I am representing them by creating this petition.

The game LAST ISLAND OF SURVIVAL is a sandbox survival game and innovated this game model in mobile games. The game development team is currently in short supply with the gaming community worldwide. We are upset about the path the game is taking. Many elements of survival are missing. The game brings a lot of advantage for those who spend money in your store. Many improvements are lacking in the optimization of the game that currently the weaker phones do not have a good gameplay. Even stronger phones are struggling. The game is full of bugs. And the antchit system takes time to identify hackers. The new medal system is wrong. We require more moderators. Easier to contact the game development team. We demand that they find a way to ban alliances. We demand that you return to Solo mode. We require an in-game audio communication system. We will wait for them to fulfill our requests or we will promote a boycott of the game with the world gaming community, reducing the downloads and leaving low marks in the applications that install the game. And we will stop spending our money on the game and ask for a refund of what we already spent.