Free Social Justice Activist Joka Heshima Jinsai (Shannon Denham)

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In recent years, the New Afrikan Human Rights Movement developed the concept of "STRATEGIC RELEASE." Under Strategic Release a subject is granted parole, pardon or clemency based on the positive impact they have had on their community and society during their imprisonment, and the even greater positive impact they will have if released.

Strategic Release, unlike "Compassionate" or other forms of release, will have a direct impact on reducing crime and the many inequalities at the root of criminality, through the contributions and activities of those granted release. The subject considered for Strategic Release is committed to solving the ills of society without the involvement of law enforcement or government, as it is our experience that success flows from working directly with the People and Community.

Consideration for Strategic Release is based on a subject's work product and Proven record of service to the Community and society as a whole. As such, it is the height of social restitution, providing direct restorative justice to the People and Communities injured by the past transgressions, requiring a LIFETIME of commitment to societies' progress and welfare. This means Strategic Release is the highest threshold of rehabilitation and social justice any prisoner can achieve, warranting the highest reward: A second chance to serve society present in their Communities.

It is our belief that Joka Heshima Jinsai (Shannon Denham J38283) is a role model for Strategic Release, not only due to his tireless commitment to improving the daily lives of those in society, but through the broad body of work he has developed and contributed to creating. We believe that Joka Heshima Jinsai meets the criteria for Strategic Release. We are requesting that Governor Jerry Brown or the Board of Prison Terms gives Brother Heshima a release date, for We believe, if released, he will have a major positive impact on society, and we believe his body of work will no doubt support our request.

The following is only a brief overview of some of his work:

1) Brother Heshima is the founder and creator of the Amend the 13th: Abolish Legal Slavery in Amerika Movement, designed to decrease the social ills and community instability fueling criminalization and mass incarceration in Amerika, while abolishing the legal foundations of "civil death" laws and their collateral consequences.

2) Brother Heshima authored a Community development initiative to establish a community-owned and operated food sovereignty program, the Sustainable Agricultural Commune, which would provide collectively grown food and some income, free to all Community participants and contributors.

3) Brother Heshima created a Community development initiative to reduce, and eventually eliminate, unemployment and increase Community-owned businesses which circulates and magnifies the money spent in the Community with the Community (Closed-Circuit Economic Initiative).

4) Brother Heshima authored the Youth Community Action Program,or Y-CAP, a Community-based Youth empowerment initiative designed to eliminate the impetus for gang-violence and crime through cultural and scientific education, self-discipline through Martial Arts. And collective economic ventures owned and operated by youth participants.

5) Brother Heshima authored a Community based math, science and technology initiative designed to not only raise the level of applied knowledge in the fields of math, science and technology among underdeveloped Communities, but to create a science and technology infrastructure capable of solving practical problems in the Community free of charge.

6) Brother Heshima co-authored a blueprint to provide artists a medium to showcase and sale their art with a significant portion of the proceeds going to support some of the most pressing charitable causes facing our Communities today (the Insurrectionists Art Collective) .

 7) Brother Heshima co-authored a text book which debunks the racist criminalization of New Afrikan (Black) People in America providing a new and more comprehensive social perspective for criminologists, sociologists and legal professionals to aid in the development of social policy and eradicate the Black criminal mentality (“Poverty, Crime and Government: How Amerikkka Criminalized a Race," by Abdul Olugbala Shakur & Joka Heshima Jinsai”).

8) Brother Heshima authored the Community Safe- Zones Initiative (C.S.Z.I.), a blueprint to create universally respected safe-spaces in affected Communities where children can play and residents can engage in social life without the fear of violent death or injury due to gang-, drug- or other violence.

9) Brother Heshima created a comprehensive Community infrastructure development blueprint where the aforementioned initiatives, implemented together and in interconnection, create an autonomous community based infrastructure designed to eliviate many of the unequal economic, social, political and cultural relationships at the root of the social ills plaguing poor and disenfranchised communities.

 10) Brother Heshima authored a strategic voting initiative designed to magnify the social and political impact of poor and nationally oppressed communities that are traditionally underrepresented in the decision making process of policy makers, while pushing back against undemocratic trends which seek to increasingly bar these segments of the population from the polls. (Block-Vote Democratic Initiative)

11) Brother Heshima has written numerous articles advocating the transformation of the criminal mentality into a progressive mentality, cooperative economics, public participation in community development, food sovereignty, social justice, human rights and contributing to social progress in publications as diverse as the San Francisco Bay View to Mother Jones magazine.

12) Brother Heshima has been a staunch advocate of the Agreement to End Hostilities, and has articulated the great benefits of extending it to Communities across California. He continues to work with Prisoners to see the benefits of extending the A.E.H. beyond prison walls.

We believe we have provided a strong case for Strategic Release. There is no doubt that Joka Heshima Jinsai's (Shannon Denham’s) release would have a major positive impact on his Community, and society as a whole.

Attached hereto is the petition in support of his Strategic Release.

We respectfully request that Governor Jerry Brown and/or the California Board of Prison Terms grant Mr. Shannon Denham (# J38283) (aka, Joka Heshima Jinsai) clemency, pardon or parole on grounds of Strategic Release.

For the past 24 years Mr. Denham has tirelessly served in the best interests of Community development, and has been at the forefront of transforming the criminal mentality into a progressive mentality. His release would have a major positive impact , not only in his Community, but in society as a whole.

We have provided a brief overview of some of his contributions to social progress in support of our request. In addition to this, though Mr. Denham maintains his innocence, he fully acknowledges it was HIS involvement in a criminal enterprise at that point in his development which led to the tragic loss of an innocent life. Mr. Denham thus accepts FULL RESPONSIBILITY for that loss of life and the human misery it bestowed upon the victim’s Family, the Community and society as a whole- as well as the suffering bestowed upon his own Family and children; a remorse so deep and abiding that it remains among the core motivations for his commitment to dedicate his entire life to the service of our Communities. He has no long criminal history. His controlling case was his first criminal conviction. He has served over 25 years in prison, 18 years, 8 months of that in solitary confinement due to his political advocacy and activism while in prison, in conditions so severe they are considered by medical professionals and the United Nations to be torture. In spite of virtually 20 years in a sensory deprivation torture unit, Mr. Denham has reaffirmed his true humanity in his service to the People, and this has been reflected in his work product and daily contributions to the development of our Communities for the past 24 years.

We the People, hereby request the clemency, pardon or parole of Shannon Denham (aka, Joka Heshima Jinsai).

Contact address:
California Prison Focus
C/o Nube Brown
1904 Franklin St
#507 Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 836-7222

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