Against Israel's violation of the rights of Palestinian children

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According to United Nations General Assembly Resolution 44/25 adopted on 20 November 1989, the International Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted. It is a treaty that aims to protect children and adolescents around the world. In view of the fact that the State of Israel, as a member country, undertook to ratify the agreement to protect children and teenagers under the following conditions:

- Protection of the child and teenagers against aggression (physical or psychological), emphasizing in its article 19 the fight against sevice, exploitation and sexual violence.

- Participation of children and adolescents as subjects of law, and their opinion respected.

- Survival and development of the children's lives giving them so that there is harmony in the physical, spiritual, psychological, moral and social aspects, considering their abilities and talents.

- the best interest of the child by the public bodies of the Member States in order to ensure maximum welfare.

- Non-discrimination of children, none of which should be prejudiced in any way due to race, creed, color, gender, language, caste, birth situation or suffering from any physical disability.

Today, the Palestinian Territories are under illegal and abusive occupation by the State of Israel for more than 50 years, which violates the norms of international law, as well as what has been determined in the International Convention on the Rights of the Child by subjecting Palestinian children to series of violations of that agreement.

In the face of the countless crimes against the human rights of Palestinian children, it is the present petition to request steps to the International Tribunal and UN with due opening of denunciation against the State of Israel.