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‟This trial is the result of a political failure” — Closing remarkes of Carles Mundó

Prof. Dr. Axel Schönberger

Jul 21, 2019 — 

‟This trial is the result of a political failure” — Closing remarks of the legitimate Minister of Justice of the Government of Catalonia, Carles Mundó, in the political trial of Madrid of 12 June 2019

The legitimate Minister of Justice of the Government of Catalonia was deposed by Spain on 28 October 2017 in violation of a constitutional ('organic') law of the Spanish state and imprisoned by the Spanish judiciary in collusion with the Spanish government, without any discernible basis in Spanish criminal law. Since 4 December 2017, he has been released from prison on presentation of a deposit. The charges against him are 'alleged misuse of public funds' and 'disobedience'. However, as the Madrid show trial has shown, there is no conclusive evidence that any form of public money was spent on the Catalan referendum of 1 October 2017. The Catalan Government had always asserted that the referendum had been paid exclusively from private funds. The second charge of ‘disobedience’, as currently applied in Spain, is hardly understandable by people living in democracies governed by the rule of law. The apparently politically motivated trial of Carles Mundó is being followed with sympathy throughout the world.

May all people of good will listen to Carles Mundó's second and final statement in the political process on Madrid!

And the European Union remains silent and watching!

Closing remarks by Carles Mundó before the Supreme Court of Madrid on 12 June 2019:

«Thank you very much, Mr President of the Court!

Good day, and good day to all members of the court. My contribution will be quite short. Speaking after the many speeches that have preceded me has the disadvantage that some of the things I could say have already been said and I will not repeat them, but it is good that I can speak shorter.

I share the view shared by many that this judgment is the result of a political failure. The fact that a dispute which clearly has a political origin has become a criminal case is a collective failure, if we believe that the task of politics is to listen to people and to propose solutions. The referral of political issues to the courts does politics a disservice and certainly does not contribute to justice. I believe in politics and I believe in justice, because both are essential elements for strengthening a democratic society. This is how I have always understood it, and this is how I have practised it, whether as a lawyer or as a minister of justice, always respecting the role of each of the powers.

I am sure that it is still time to look for ways that lead to solutions. In my opinion, hardening the points of view or leading the topics into dead ends is always the wrong way. And I hope that the outcome of the judgment to be given by that court will also contribute to that. I am convinced that it is never too late for solutions. My most sincere wish is that, in the face of a social reality which requires dialogue and consensual solutions, everyone should know how to respond to the need.

Finally, I would like to extend warm thanks to all the people of Catalonia and also here in Madrid and in many places in Spain who, in view of the difficult personal situation — in my case a seven-year prison sentence is called for — express their affection and solidarity with us. Our old parents, our children, our partners, our friends, our neighbours suffer as much or more as we do. That is why I thank them all with all my heart.

And with my last words in this process I express the wish that will certainly be shared by millions of people, regardless of their ideas, who want the nine companions who are still in prison today to be released, to be able to return home and embrace their family. It would certainly be the best news for them and it would be the best news for everyone.

Thank you very much!»

A transcription of the Castilian original on which the English translation was based was kindly provided by the magazine L'Unilateral — El digital de la República Catalana.

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