BAN Greyhound racing in South Australia!!!

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Premier Mike Baird is putting an end to the cruel & dangerous greyhound racing industry in NSW. His decision came after a special commission found that more than 50,000 greyhounds - nearly half all the dogs bred for racing - are killed because they're deemed not competitive enough to live. Premier Baird described the report as "chilling...horrific" and those chillingly horrific things are still going on in South Australia!

Steve Marshall, the Premier of South Australia, has the power to join Mike Baird in putting an end to this horrific industry. He has the power to save thousands of dogs from early death & tortured lives. And prove at the same time that doing the right thing is more important than appeasing the cruelty-for-profit racing & gambling industries. 

If NSW can take this step, South Australia can too. Premier Marshall, it's time to get rid of greyhound racing in our state.