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Animals are living beings, not objects. Change the law in Japan so cases of animal abuse are investigated and prosecuted.



In Japan, the ill-treatment of animals is not thought of as a crime.  In fact, cases of animal abuse are regularly ignored.

One of the biggest reasons for this is that even if a citizen reports animal abuse, the request is usually not investigated by the police.  In the rare case legal action is taken, punishment is often never dealt out.

Legally, animals in Japan are treated not as a life, but as an object.  Japan`s legal treatment and consideration of animal`s well-being is cruel and not that of a modern country.  Shockingly, Japan`s government refuses to acknowledge the problem.  The majority of the government and politicians are indifferent to the welfare of animals and refuse to listen to citizens who voice concerns for the welfare of animals.

How can we say that such a morally undeveloped country should host such an event as the Olympics?

Despite being indifferent to it`s own people`s voice and the lives of animals, Japan does place a high importance on appearances.  This is where your help is needed. 

Please help us put pressure on the Japanese government from abroad by voicing your opinion on the mistreatment and abuse of animals in Japan.  In Japan it is not popular to voice support for the welfare and care of animals.  Even Japanese celebrities are criticized for supporting these causes and it is difficult for them to speak out. 

Your voice will help us bring light to this very cruel aspect of Japanese law and society by signing this petition.  Show the Japanese government that the world is watching and aware of the mistreatment of animals in Japan.

With the world`s voice, we can change Japanese law to actively investigate and prosecute cases of animal abuse and treat animals as living beings.  Thank you for signing this petition and helping make this change possible.

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