To Consumer Affairs Agency: Japan needs better labeling for vegan/vegetarian products!!

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We ask the Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan to take urgent action and demand better labeling of vegetarian/vegan products, and to raise awareness of the lack of options that fulfill the needs of vegetarian/vegan consumers among food manufacturers and providers in Japan.

At present, Japan is lagging behind other countries when it comes to knowledge about vegetarian/vegan/plant-based lifestyles. In particular, there is a lack of clearly labeled vegetarian and vegan products available in stores, and on restaurant menus. The situation is especially difficult for overseas visitors, and even many foreign residents, who lack the Japanese language ability to check the labels on products, or clarify ingredients with restaurant or store staff.

The travel magazine “Travel Journal” has estimated that of the 28.7 million foreign visitors to Japan in 2017, around 1.34 million were some kind of vegetarian. That’s nearly 5% of all inbound foreign visitors.

The demand for vegan products in particular is increasing exponentially worldwide, and is likely to increase even further in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Even for Japanese people, or those able to read Japanese, vague labeling means it can be difficult to identify which products are suitable for vegetarians/vegans. For example, it's often not clear what flavorings, emulsifiers, etc., are made of.


We demand that the Consumer Affairs Agency:
1. Push manufacturers and food providers to clarify the labeling of their products and label products that are already vegetarian or vegan (to make them easily accessible).
2. Ask that restaurants label options that are already vegetarian or vegan, label options that are possible to make vegetarian or vegan, and add vegetarian and vegan options to their menus.

Businesses all over the world are already catering to the needs of vegetarian/vegan consumers, using labeling of all kinds, with their own disclaimers and conditions. There is no reason why Japan should be an exception.

We respectfully ask that the Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan take urgent action to raise awareness of the needs of vegetarian/vegan consumers among food manufacturers and providers in Japan.

By signing this petition you will help ALL OF US, vegans, vegetarians, vegi-curious and anybody who is living a plant-based lifestyle to have EASIER and BETTER choices when choosing a product or a meal from a menu.

Thank you for signing and sharing. Together, we can help create a barrier-free Japan for all.