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Justice For Kilo

My deaf 9 month old American Bullador (Kilo) was shot and killed by my wife's (Linda Duncan)  sisters' (Brenda Duncan) boyfriend (Jerrold Burnham) for chewing up his shoe while left at the house by himself. Not only did he go overboard but he tried to claim the dog bit him and he shot in self defense which does not support the evidence. ( entrance and exit of bullet on dog, or the fact there are no scratches or physical damage on Jerrold) With that said when police arrived at the scene they didn't see a reason to arrest him and honestly I do not understand why and justice needs to be given to my deaf puppy who not only couldn't tell him sorry for chewing up his shoe but also couldn't defend himself due to being restrained around the leg of the couch. My wife and I believe that Jerrold Burnham should have to answer for the death of our son whom we raised since he was 4 weeks old. If this petition is successful I would like to make a website in Kilo's honor to be a voice for other pet owners like myself and my wife who felt like our son's life didn't matter. #dogslivesmatter and #justiceforkilo. Last but not least to help make this petition successful I have my Facebook friends and family spreading the word who are all people who have either crossed paths with Kilo a time or two or who personally know and have been around kilo since he was a baby. Let's do this guys. This is for you Kilo. 

This petition will be delivered to:
  • ACPS
    Animal Care and Protective Services
    First Coast No More Homeless Pets
  • JAX Humane Society
    Humane Society of Jacksonville, Florida

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