Remove David Clarke from Cabinet and NZ Health

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The Health and Well-being of ALL New Zealanders has been put at risk and in the hands of complete incompetence for too long!

When we here a global pandemic and in lockdown, where’s the minister David Clark... breaking the rules not once, but twice and likely three times. He’s also not at work,  or taking interviews and leaves Dr Bloomfield to do all the work and feel the heat.

Now his areas of responsibility are failed, lies are being told, health and lives are being put in danger and all he is doing is running round blaming others and throwing his team under the bus! NO Care, NO accountability. 
now other ministers are having to come in and take over while all he does is run around blaming everyone!

THE TIME IS NOW for change! VOTE to REMOVE David Clark from health and Caucus!!

Save our Country from further mess!!

Please Vote, Please Share, the Team of 5 million have a voice!! let’s use it